Industry and provision of services currently billiards development to meet the increasing demand of the fan favorite sport.

In more than 40 years, in addition to inquiry learning, application of scientific techniques. Presently the THANH MINH
Co,.Ltd can say: "We are the only unit in Vietnam with a production process billiards closed line with high technology, providing more than 70% of products for domestic market ". Besides we are proud to team workers trained skilled manufacturing billiard many kinds, diversified, high quality, beautiful designs that meet the tastes of the billiard in the country as well as foreign . Factors which are mainly created for the reputable brand THANH MINH® Billiards throughout the world.

Development growing strength of THANH MINH® Billiards is the proof for the power, prestige and trust of investors and abroad when selecting brand THANH MINH® Billiards to collaborate. From there THANH MINH® Billiards become a reliable partner of the investors interested to its quality products and service professionals.

And to improve further in order to can better meet customer needs, the THANH MINH® Billiards wishes to receive the sincere comments of our customers and partners, which is the multifunction key help THANH MINH® Billiards to open the door in the future.